The Right Choice

What is it that separate Classic Coachwork from other collision repair shops? Well, to be frank, we’re the best at what we do, in every single way.

The Client

First and foremost, no one treats and takes care of their customers better than we do. Take our saying, “We Rebuild Your Dream”. YOUR dream. We know the stress and feeling of discomfort that people face when in need of vehicle repair. Searching for a reputable shop is unfamiliar territory for most people. At Classic Coachwork, the trust we have forged with our clients over the past 36 years is due, in part to our three pillars of customer service: Honesty, Transparency, and Consistency.

Our commitment and focus is not just to satisfy our clients but to exceed their expectations. The look on our customers’ faces when they get that piece of their life back better than expected is what drives us to perform at the highest level each and every day. Take a look for yourself at just some of the things that our customers have to say.

The Work

At Classic Coachwork, our collision and reconstruction work is unequaled in quality and detail. Our dedication to automobile repair craftsmanship and the quality experience we have delivered for our customers is why we have been able to grow to 8 locations. We deliver the best result, every time.  No matter how big or small the job is, from a few dents or door scratches to full structural frame repair, we strive for perfection on every job. We also know that your time is precious. Our work process is regularly reviewed and enhancements are made when needed to provide maximum efficiency while ensuring the quality we are known for. This work process, our experienced technicians, and the best tools allow us to get your vehicle back quicker than our competitor.

The Certifications

Investing in the training and tools required to fix these vehicles is another commitment we make to better serving our customers. Being certified by manufacturers with strict guidelines for repair is essential in bringing a damaged vehicle back to pre-accident condition. This is important for 2 reasons specifically; 1. Safety and 2. Ensuring quality control. Classic Coachwork insists on having certifications from the top industry manufacturers. Investing in the training and tools required to fix these vehicles is another commitment we make to better serving our customers. We pursued the ones with the strictest standards, because if you commit to becoming certified in the top programs, that knowledge can be translated across all makes and models. You can read more about our certifications here.

The Talent

As a result of our standard of quality and success over the years, Classic Coachwork attracts the elite technicians in collision repair. That said, our hiring process is still highly selective. Ensuring that every member of our team adheres to our founding value of “Providing an Unrivaled Customer Experience through Thoughtful Care & Superior Repair” is just as essential as possessing the best skills. Further, to provide you with the best repair possible, we require our technicians receive ongoing training at the highest levels from vehicle manufacturers. By honing their existing skills while learning new techniques and technology to repair today’s most complex vehicles, we ensure that you have the most qualified technicians working on your vehicle.

The Tools

Quality craftsmanship requires meticulous attention to detail. In addition to the mental tools, it takes the right physical tools to achieve a certain level of prestige for any given craft. They say that if you provide the right people with the right tools, they will do wonderful things with them. Most businesses would say that’s what they do; provide the right people with the right tools. But at Classic Coachwork we took it a step further by asking “What happens if you provide wonderful people with wonderful tools?” Then we did. We spare no expense arming our technicians with the most cutting edge industry equipment, tools, and technology available. We did this because the foundation of our collision business was built on being not only the right choice, but the best choice. Our indelible commitment to quality means that we provide the best of everything for everyone. And that is priceless.